WooCommerce PayPal Micropayments
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WooCommerce PayPal Micropayments


List all products (and variations) on the same page in a list!

This is a premium WooCommerce extension that will list all of the products in your store on one single page and allows users to quickly order products with quantities and variations showing on the same page. This is a very handy plugin for ticket sales, or sites where people may need to order various products at the same time. The plugin lists the products in a list form with css customization possible. Your customers can order as many products as they wish all at the same time on the same page.


Save on PayPal Transaction Fees!

The WooCoomerce PayPal Micro Payments plugin allows you to switch to a PayPal Micropayments account if the order amount is $11 or less. Essentially, this means you can use two PayPal accounts with the same WooCommerce shopping cart! The transaction amount can be changed to whatever amount you wish in case PayPal ever changes this amount.

That way you are guaranteed to save on transaction fees for lower pricedĀ items in your store.


If you have an item that is $1.00 in your store, the micropayments fee will be only $0.10.

If you do not have this plugin, then the fee would be $0.33

If you have 100 transactions, that’s $22.00 Savings!!!